Due to the fast development of the company, the previous website became outdated both aestheticaly and functionally. Since 2013, the year of launching the old website, the company has grown significantly, opening new clinics in three major Polish cities and offering its services in over 20 different places around the country. It became necessary to create a system that presents each treatment in a way that allows for determining its accessibility, in terms of both price and location.
The new website consists of five main sections:
01 - MAIN
Main page with sliding banners that present the most popular treatments.
02 - ABOUT
Information about the clinic and the staff with a gallery and presentation of the interiors.
There are two ways of accessing a given treatment page: one by searching for what effect you want to achieve (e.g. smooth skin, weight loss) and the other by a treatment type: e.g. aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, etc. Each subpage contains detailed information about a treatment, its price range and where it is available.
There is also a separate price list for a better clarity.
Apart from basic contact form, this page also enables the customer to search for the nearest service place using a map browser.

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